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#Review: Aurora (Everealm series, book 4) by J.D. Wright @everealmbyjdw | Mature Audience

 Aurora (Everealm series, book 4)
by J.D. Wright

Stolen power has been returned to its rightful owners, causing a significant shift in the dynamic of magics in Everealm. The surge of new sorceresses with little or no control over their magic are the perfect targets for the cursed creatures who roam the realm. A crisis occurs that even the Elder Mage may not be able to control on her own.

Vengeful kings seek to punish all who wronged them, but even the best laid plans can go awry. And the threat of secrets being revealed may end new romances before they can even begin to flourish. 

As the sun rises over Everealm, a new chapter begins with the beautiful Aurora, Book Four of the Everealm Series. 

Adult content. Intended for mature audiences.

DISCLAIMER: I received a review copy of this book in exchange of an honest review. Will do my best to contain a few spoilers, but I am rather excited to finally have read this book! Might just share a few details and then force you to read the book yourself. *WINKS*

Oh, how I have missed the Everealm world! The epic adventure continues as Breestlin and Rowan prepare to tie the knot! But not so fast, a swarm of imphs has come and is causing an uproar! The wedding just perfect! Every detail, even down to the fact that Dahlia's "lover" is in attendance and he cannot take his eyes off her.

Sarita knows that her father is Rowan. This scene . . . I cannot even begin to say how beautiful it was, because Rowan found out in one of the last books, but Bree is still sworn to secrecy because her mother, and father, needed to hide the fact that she and Rowan had . . . had some fun while hiding in the wardrobe. But they were young, and perhaps not able to handle such responsibilities. Then again, they would not have Sarita. It is quite amazing how situations like that can cause a stronger bond to build between people.

Right before Sarita speaks up about knowing that Rowan is her father, a young prince decides Sarita is the bride for him. Sarita challenges him to an archery contest, as well as adorable banter between the young royals. This leads to a knife throwing contest, where Bree is appalled that Rowan was teaching Sarita this behind her back. She had only agreed to let him teach her archery. And when Sarita is questioned on where she learned her skills with the knife, she looks at Rowan and says: "My father taught me."

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars.
What else can I say! This was a fantastic follow-up to the first three books. Growing more fond of the books every minute and the villains! The romance . . . specifically the men. *WINKS* Such a great way to get lost in a book-world that should totally exist and I would love to live in Everealm.

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