Tuesday, May 17, 2016

ARC #Review: Kacey Monroe (Before We Fractured, Book 2) by Bradon Nave |

Kacey Monroe 
(Before We Fractured, Book #2)
Bradon Nave

Revenge, murder, and two teens on the run… 

Nearly twenty-four hours after eighteen-year-old Kacey Monroe leads her boyfriend, Jessie Kasper, away from their hometown, they are officially on the run. The authorities will be after them soon enough… 

Because murder isn’t something they can just walk away from… 

But while Kacey leads Jessie further into the backwoods of Mississippi, they encounter their first glimmer of hope. As Jessie’s psyche begins to crumble, Avery—a reclusive and welcoming woodsman—takes them in. 

At the mercy of his fractured mind, Jessie is unable to cope with having blood on his hands… 
While taking shelter with Avery, Kacey struggles to keep their secrets in the shadows. After a night watching Jessie deteriorate, she seizes her only chance at completing her mission—destroy the first man who violated her—her grandfather. 
As her fractured world spins out of control, Kacey discovers nothing is what it seems, and the only person she can trust is the one she’s put directly in harm’s way. 

When skeletons are exposed, Kacey and Jessie realize they’re not the only ones hiding deadly details of their past… 

DISCLAIMER: I received a review copy of this book in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are my own and are not, by any means, influenced by others. And these are mostly just my initial reaction to the book after reading it. So, it is non-spoiler, for the most part.

Kacey Monroe's story begins where Jessie's story ended in the last book. Who is ready for the jab to the heart of a lifetime?
As a reader, you are able to grasp what Kacey has been feeling through the circumstances. You can understand how she truly loves Jessie and all the crap that they went through, and still go through. It truly is a great book.

My Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars.
I read the book in one afternoon and ended up needing to work it off so that my heart doesn't explode. It left me wanting to read more. I am all over the place at the moment. 

I'm bugging out over the fact that Jessie is in the hands of that . . . monster. Some of Avery's mannerisms were kind of  . . off-putting. I suppose in terms of his "Christianity" (as a Christian myself, since I know that not all Christians hide behind that "facade"). It did add to the story; though I found it a bit off-putting, it was a good plot-point. It brought out a lot from the black side of the story.

I liked knowing Kacey's perspective on the first few chapters at the beginning from Jessie's story. Being in her head during those crucial scenes in the book helped me see a bit of her perspective, and I understood it more. Still losing my wits over what Jessie is going through, and now what Kacey has to go through. And then, the small beacon of light when Duke and Lily show up. The ending definitely left me with the "What's going to happen next?" question. I actually went into my e-library, thinking I had the next book. Nope, gonna have to wait for that one to finish being written. :)
A great read, made me want to go back and read 'Jessie Kasper' again.

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