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Hey everyone! I am absolutely stoked to share with you my thoughts for the Torn duet by Mia Kayla! I had been hearing quite a lot about this duet in the book world and have been keeping my eye on any opportunity to read/review. If I didn't get the chance, I would totally buy the duet. 

I was sent ARC copies of the complete duet by the author, through SassySavvyFabulous, and it is a huge honor to have the chance to share with you guys. This is a compiled review. I will have the info on both books listed as well as my review for each book below. I will also have the author's info at the end of this post so you can go and check her out.

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I would also like to mention that this duet is NA, which means the protagonists are 18 and older. I would suggest only reading a book like this if you're comfortable with it. But otherwise, do read it!

Torn Between Two 
(The Torn Duet #1)
Released: January 23rd, 2017

I believe in fairy tales — the kind where a knight in shining armor sweeps me off my feet. Coming from a broken home, fairy tales housed the hope I clung to. Never in my life did I imagine two knights coming into my life— two knights that wore very different armor.

A rockstar versus a lawyer.
Fast and furious versus deliberate and calculated.
Intense and passionate versus strong and devoted.
Chaos versus stability.

I fell in love with one in the craziness of a concert. 
I fell in love with the other in the silence of his compassion.

And now I am Torn Between Two.

Torn Between Two (The Torn Duet, #1)Torn Between Two by Mia Kayla
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my gosh!!!!! I am still recovering from that ending! Oh my gosh! Mia Kayla is a genius. I dig books that rip my heart out. I have no words right now. !!!!!¡!!!!!!

Choosing Forever 
(The Torn Duet #2)
Release: February 13th, 2017

Life is made up of choices. 
Single choices like bricks laid out in a path. A path that leads to your future. 

At twenty four years old, I would have never guessed I would be stuck between two men—two men from opposite spectrums of the universe.
Their lives, their worlds, their demeanor is as different as the darkest of nights and the lightest of days.

I love them both, but I have to choose.
There is only one choice I can make.
And I choose forever.

Choosing Forever (The Torn Duet, #2)Choosing Forever by Mia Kayla
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm still not full recovered, but this must said. Mia Kayla is pure genius. I honestly LIVE for a good heartbreaking tale. Not the whole story, but with bits and good pieces, I love them. This duet is a hook and sink for the faint in heart. There may be the need for a heart surgeon when you're done reading, but I tell you, it is so worth the heartache. I was confined to my bedroom for the entirety of my Saturday. I did not leave my bed all afternoon. I just couldn't stop reading. I ate my meals, don't worry, but I just could not stop reading! Mia Kayla has a winner (and killer) duet here. Sam, Josh and Hawke deserve a reread . . . later, after I've recovered from my heart transplant.

I would like to add that I read these books back to back, cover to cover, in two days. Before this weekend, I had never read a Mia Kayla book. I walked out of my room after reading around 50% of Choosing Forever, and I had red eyes, my heart was in shatters all over my bedroom floor. I merely asked my mom what she was up to at my dad's desk, and when she looked at me, I kid you not, she gave me the "WTF is wrong with you?" look.

I've only ever read a few books that have left me this way. So, I am going to recommend that if you love books like Live Me by Celeste Grande, the Sanity duet by Lindsay Paige, A Fabrication of the Truth by Katie Kelski, the Never duet by Monica Murphy, these are the books for you.

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