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Hey Invaders! I am so excited to share this post with you today! I know I've shared something of these books recently, but not a review. And I can finally share both of my reviews, because today is release day for DESTINED HEARTS. Enough of my babble. Let's get on with it!
You know the drill: I am only sharing my final thoughts on the books. The synopsis is right there for you to have a brief idea what the book is about. Cover will be linked to Amazon. My Goodreads review will be right beneath the corresponding book.
DISCLAIMER: Though I read ARCs both these books, I do own them on Kindle because I pre-ordered both right after reading them.

by K.K. Allen

His heart beats for the music. She's his favorite song.

Lyric Cassidy knows a thing or two about bad boy rock stars with raspy vocals. In fact, her heart was just played by one. So when she takes an assignment as road manager for the world famous rock star, Wolf, she's prepared to take him on, full suit of heart-armor intact.

Wolf is the sexy lead singer for the hottest rock band around with a line-up of guaranteed one night stands. Lyric Cassidy isn't one of them. That's fine with him. Women like Lyric come with fairytale expectations, so it should be easy to stay away. Too bad she's hot as sin with a fiery temper and a mouth that drives him wild.

She's also got something to hide. Something he discovers. Something he wants ...

Sharing a tour bus, neither of them are prepared for the miles of road ahead and the fierce attraction they feel toward one another--a dangerous combination.

(Authors Note: Dangerous Hearts has been rewritten from the original Dangerous Hearts, formally published under Mia McAdams.)

Dangerous Hearts (A Stolen Melody Duet, #1)Dangerous Hearts by K.K. Allen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am so mad right now!! I want the next book now and this one isn't even released yet!!! Rockstar romance lover, that's me, is annoyed and in love with this book! Wolf and Lyric are amazing and I knew oi would love it. There are just some books that you know and now . . . I'm stuck. I need more!!

by K.K. Allen

He stole her lyrics, and then he stole her heart.

Lyric Cassidy is off the tour, lost as to what her next career move will be, and certain that she’ll never love again after Wolf. All because of a social media scandal that left her with no choice but to pack up and face the consequences. When she learns that the fate of her career is in her hands, she has a difficult decision to make. Step back on the tour bus with Wolf and deal with the mess she left behind, or end her contract early and lose her job at Perform Live?

Wolf’s shattered heart finds no resolve in giving Lyric a chance to come back on tour. He can never be with her again. Not after she walked away. Conflicted with wants and needs, he struggles to remember who Wolf was before Lyric. That’s what he needs to become again. Maybe then his heart will be safe. Or maybe there’s no hope for the damaged. 

But with stolen dreams, betrayals, and terrifying threats—no one’s heart is safe. Not even the ones that may be destined to be together.

Destined Hearts (A Stolen Melody Duet, #2)Destined Hearts by K.K. Allen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm legit crying over that ending. I absolutely loved it. When the last first book left on that cliffhanger, I definitely lost it. I'd say this second book to A Stolen Melody Duet has a bit of second chance to romance between Lyric and Wolf (WOLF!). K.K. Allen won me over with her writing. She knows how to grasp a reader and have them fall in love with her story and her characters.

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Thank you so much for passing by today! I hope you will pick up this duet because it is so good! K.K. Allen is amazing and she has so many other amazing titles. I'm going to be reading her book UP IN THE TREEHOUSE. So, I'm excited. See y'all soon!

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