Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Book Recommendation of the Day: Sardine Packing by Morton Morelli

Sardine Packing by Morton Morelli
Also available in Paperback and Hardback. 

It is the summer of the year 1940, in the picturesque village of Rittershoffen, where the previously quiet lives of the villagers are about to be thrown into turmoil, and changed forever. It is here that we meet Hans Grubber, a young German officer who is determined to make a difference, particularly in the lives of the beautiful Sophie, and her young daughter. 

Present- The eminent psychologist Dr. David Prost is reacquainted with a childhood, family friend at a lecture he is giving in Washington D.C. For Emily Meyers, their reunion opens up old wounds, and an even older mystery. Meanwhile, her sister, the vivacious Eleanor Meyers, embarks upon her dream job as a translator for the entrepreneur, and billionaire banker Richard Weiss. All is not as it seems though, and Eleanor begins to suspect that working for Wiess might be the dream job she imagined, as strange events begin to collide with her, and her sisters’ past.

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By Phil Hexley

This review is from: Sardine Packing (Paperback)
A very interesting book, starting off with an unusual perspective for a War story: filled with beautiful scenery, love, hope, and horrific acts of war. The book then takes an unusual turn and jumps to a very modern-day setting, with some contemporary topics of immense wealth, individual greed, and global water shortages. As the story unfolds, the link between the war story and the modern day start to unfold, teasing links at first but then it becomes clear. Not wanting to ruin the story, needless to say towards the end of the book I found myself reading quicker and quicker desperate to find out what would happen next! If you like war stories, or are a modern day James Bond fan, then this book has something for you.

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