Thursday, May 12, 2016

Book Recommendation of the Day: Necrobloods by Lauren Stock & Robert Stock

16 year old Celeste Boyd casts Elemental magic. With the great battle coming, she and her best friend Gena are learning more about their abilities. Even more pressing, though, are the basketball finals and the mysterious new boy in school, Carter Wells. Celeste now has to choose between her crush and Carter, who is showing quite the interest. And then there are the crazy dreams with the huge dragon eye...

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By juliahutton
Format: Paperback
Necrobloods was intriguingly awesome and quite satisfying. It started out with shades of Hunger Games and Twilight, but it then took on a life all its own. I couldn't put the book down while reading the ending. I will be recommending this read to teens and adults......I look forward to their next book!

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