Sunday, May 8, 2016

Book Recommendation of the Day: Murder Most Convenient by Robert Colton

Murder Most Convenient by Robert Colton

It's the Golden Age of Detective Novels, and Mrs. Xavier Stayton is convinced she can pen the best! 

Ripping fun at her late husband's family estate turns to tragedy when murder most foul is committed. 

Once the inspector arrives, motives abound, and Mrs. Xavier finds herself the chief suspect. 

If she can avoid the gallows, the hopeful author may walk away with a manuscript that is the cat's meow; if not, a dastardly killer has committed a perfect frame-up job. 

Journey with Mrs. Xavier Stayton and her loyal friend, Lucy, from the safety of Holland Park to the perils of Pearce Manor, where a sinister figure awaits them. 

What do the critics have to say? 

“The best whodunit I’ve ever read.” 
-Mrs. Viviane Stayton, the author’s mother-in-law. 

“A true masterpiece in the field of mysteries.” 
-Miss Lucy Wallace, close friend and assistant to the author. 

“The woman is a hack. Every word is lie; I’m suing her.” 
-Mrs. Joan Stayton, litigant.
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It is like reading a story within a story.

What a unique twist in writing a whodunit! It was like reading a story within a story…a very unique writing style that made this book a delightful read.

I instantly was charmed by the main character and enjoyed her captivating interpretation of writing a murder mystery! It is definitely worth your time to check out this imaginative author’s style of storytelling.
The quirkiness of the book only adds to its interesting cast of characters and the ending, well I’ll leave that as an amusing surprise! Bravo Mr. Colton, you managed to pull off the mastery of a well written whodunit!

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