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#Review: Out of this World by Patricia Eimer | #Aliens #SciFi #Romance

Out of this World
(Out of this World #1)
by Patricia Eimer

Engaged to a murderous, intergalactic warlord, Capridocian Princess Corripraxis is running for her life and crash lands on Earth, where large creatures moo at her, threatening to expose her as an alien. If she can just get some help—in the form of the very attractive Earth male who just pulled up in a tow truck—she can hunker down in the Martian colony until she figures out her next move, right?

One hunky Marine. One sexy alien. One deranged intergalactic warlord. What could go wrong?

At the scene of an accident, a sexy woman asks ex-Marine Mattias Cadiz to take her to Roswell NM. He really should be getting on with living a nice, sane—quiet—life, because the very pretty Corri is probably on her way to the annual Convention with the other alien-crazy wackos. Still, no way he can refuse such a gorgeous, if confused, violet-eyed beauty. 

DISCLAIMER: I received an e-Galley of this book (through NetGalley) in exchange for honest review. Non-spoiler review.

Who doesn't like a good story about a runaway alien? What about a Marine? Yeah, this has both, obviously. I saw the cover before reading the description; I thought the alien was the guy. And I thought, "Hmm, kind of typical." But then I read the description and was like, "Oh! Okay, this sounds awesome!" Had to read it and once I started, I could not put it down. I read it fairly quickly, considering I had a massive migraine that day. It was just what I needed to distract myself from the elephant on my head. 

Corri, right off the bat, is the kind of character that once she puts her mind to something, she is going to do it no matter what. She seems to be complex, but she is well pronounced and brought to life. I was kind of reminded of the blue Avatars while reading. I suppose it has to do with Corri's skin being a different color. I love the fact that Corri had to remember not to slip up about what/who she is and she does almost slip up several times.

Mattias Cadiz . . . As said in the book, he is the 'Hot Cowboy' who cannot seem to understand why he is so drawn to the lovely stranger, who may possibly be delusional in the sense of hitting her noggin. He is fascinated, infatuated even, by her violet eyes. Mind you, these are not your typical violet eyes. Her eyes are unique. There are no other eyes like hers.

The plot itself was very interesting. I found it enthralling and captivating. In my head, I could see it as a new sci-fi film. I think it could easily be up there with The Martian, in terms of the ups and downs, the raise of hopes and then having them crushed in a sense.  It was very intriguing to read. I must say I expected it to have a little more in the ending. It ended a good note, it just seems like it needed a little extra 'umph'.

My Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars.
This was a great read, I loved how easily captivated I was from the start. Characters were great; not too complex, but not underdeveloped. Can easily be read in one sitting. Great story, loved it!

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