Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Book Recommecation of the Day: The Cook Out by Pat Riley

"The Cookout"

Pat Riley

Thousands of American families have lost loved ones to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. For those left behind, these losses are devastating, life changing and have far-reaching consequences. The death of a single soldier affects a multitude of family and friends. Every family has a different take on their loss, and fledgling North Carolina reporter Rudy Ryan is crisscrossing the state to get their stories. However, what Rudy is hearing from these families more often than not, is that this war is preemptive, and against at least one made-up enemy. 

Throughout Rudy’s five-week assignment, several violent events unfold that at first seem random. Eventually, it becomes obvious that those who started these wars and think they are immune from the ravages of it, have become easy targets for a grieving widower bent on his own form of justice. 

Those familiar with Pat Riley’s work will recognize the trademark struggle of good vs. evil in this novel, the characters he carefully crafts-who seem like people we know-and the humor, even in the midst of tragic circumstances. 


Best selling author of Executive Deception “Imagine an America where justice is merely a strategic move by power hungry officials. That’s the premise behind this political thriller by author Pat Riley, a former music executive who lives in North Carolina.” -- Politico “... 

Fast paced and gritty, proves to be an entertaining read that hints at a promising career for Riley.” --Scene Magazine 

“Riley’s work is pure escapism, sit back and enjoy this page turning, chilling but eventually extremely funny thriller.” -- The Australian Sun Coast 

“Riley exposes the seedy side of government. His writing captures the pursuit of good vs evil. Excellent read.” -- The Joplin Independent 

“...Jersey Shore native publishes a great summer beach read--Asbury Park Press

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ChuckTownBob

Pat Riley has done it again! If you liked Executive Deception, you will like this book also. A political thrill ride with twists and turns, chapter after chapter. The serpentine plot will have you on the edge of your seat and unable to put the book down. The main character’s reporting assignment slowly uncovers the truth behind a series of political attacks motivated by war. Prepare yourself for the final plot twist that you will never see coming! As a frequent air traveler, this is exactly the type of book I look for and I know you will feel the same- a great way to pass the endless miles in the sky. I am looking forward to his next work!

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