Thursday, July 14, 2016

Book Recommendation of the Day: Jack of Hearts by Ken Scott

Jack of Hearts
By Ken Scott

Full of suspense and action
By Sun Seeker
This review is from: Jack of Hearts (Paperback)
We can all empathize with Bog Heggie. He's just the average nice guy on the street and he deserves a break. But often the breaks don't happen unless we help them along a bit. Bob Heggie turns his life robbing a bank. Okay so perhaps it's a bit unusual for the average nice guy, and maybe not a strategy that should be recommended. But the character of Bob Heggie is so well drawn that you empathise completely. You are with him the whole way and you really want him to win.

This thriller has you on the edge of your seat, suspense and action all the way, a terrific read.

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