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A Summer Like No Other 
(Broken Dreams: Em & Nick #1)

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance (novella)

Pages: 125
Release Date: July 30th 2015

She’s his best friend’s little sister. He’s the biggest player of them all.

They shouldn’t be together. But this summer’s just too tempting.

Sixteen-year-old Emilia Moretti’s goal for the summer is simple: forget her brother’s best friend—Nick Grawsky—ever existed. It should be easy: He’s spending his summer in the Hamptons, adding girls in tiny bikinis to his list of broken hearts. Guarantee he won’t be telling them they’re like his little sisters. This summer, Emilia won’t stay awake at night thinking about him. She’ll need flawless ballet movements to have a shot at next year’s showcase, and she’s finally ready to search for her birth parents. But when Nick decides to stay in the city, Emilia’s resolve disappears in a pirouette. Maybe it’s the spin they needed to be together. As long as she doesn’t get stuck believing in happily ever after…

Nick is tired of pretending to be the happy, let’s-have-fun guy. His father wants him to change his career from professional dancer to…lawyer. He needs to put all of his focus on dancing to prove to Daddy Dearest he’s good enough to make it big. And he may have a case of the bluest balls in history courtesy of Emilia. She’s off-limits: The bro code with Roberto even forbids the dirty thoughts he has about her. Besides, he’s not boyfriend material. He only has time for flings, for girls who don’t expect much, for girls he doesn’t want to kiss goodnight. He knows he should resist her, but he’s not sure he wants to…

At least for this summer.

It’s going to be a summer like no other.

Always Second Best 
(Broken Dreams: Em & Nick #2)
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 10th 2015

Sometimes being first isn’t what you expected. 

Seventeen-year-old ballerina Emilia Moretti is tired of always being second best. And she’s going to prove the world she deserves to be first. In her upcoming School of the Performing Arts showcase. In the eyes of her birth parents. And in the heart of the guy she loves. She spends hours rehearsing, hours dreaming about becoming number one, hours imagining how her entire life is about to change. But when nothing goes the way she planned, she’ll need to realize what it really means to be first. 

Eighteen-year-old Nick Grawski doesn’t want to follow Daddy Dearest’s rules any longer. He's going to prove he's meant to be a dancer—not a lawyer—and he is not going to stay away from Em just because his father demands it. He needs to show Em that—this time around—he’s there to stay and that he won’t break her heart again. Even when her world goes down to shit, even when he finds out his dad may have been trying to protect him all along, even if being there for one another is harder than falling in love. 

ALWAYS SECOND BEST is a novel of hope and heartbreak and broken dreams. It’s a novel about falling in love and discovering that being first isn’t always what matters.

DISCLAIMER: I received both of these books in exchange for honest review. Also, it is an honor to share Elodie's stories with you. She has become one of my favorite authors. This will be a non-spoiler review.

The Broken Dreams series is absolutely wonderful! Nick and Em are so perfect for each other. To top it off, they have been friends for a long time. Em's brother, Roberto, is super funny. My only slight about this was his choice of attraction. This is just my opinion, I am not trying to offend anyone, I just do not prefer it. But even so, the story could not have been better without Rob there, and he loves his sister, adopted or not, so I have no complaints.

Summer flings are always wonderful to read about. What really makes this series different from others is the author's essence. I think a major point to focus on in this series is the fact that Nick is there for Em, even when she thinks he isn't. Nick father is a business man.That pretty much tells you enough, but it does go deeper than that later on. When you least expect it, you find yourself thankful that his character is the way he is.

Both Nick and Em are dancers. They dance together several times in both books and they both know that they have chemistry when together. This is definitely because they trust each other, they have confidence in each other. 

Friends to lovers is always my favorite. Tough times can either bring people closer to together, or further apart. Wish to know more? You gotta read them for yourself.

A Summer Like No Other: 5 of 5 Stars.
I will be honest, I got the books mixed up when I went to read them, and . . . Well, I began to read the second book before the first one and I read a good amount of it before realizing there was something missing. Needless to say, it was a good thing I stopped, because the first book was going to be totally spoiled if I hadn't, but then I knew what was coming without meaning to know. But even with those expectations, I loved every moment reading it. Being in both Em and Nick's minds made me want to scream at each character when they had their moments. Knowing what both characters are thinking, but then they do not know what the other is thinking and it just . . . I have no words, but I will say that I teared up at the end, even when I knew what would happen. It just kept building in my chest and then exploded at the finish line.

Always Second Best: 5 of 5 Stars.
Getting to read the books back-to-back, one right after the other helped still my aching heart. If I did not have this book to continue Em and Nick's story, I think I might have had a heart attack. I am joking, but I am also very serious. I seem to take some things far too seriously, and my heart just throws me to the ground. My mom saw me pounding at my chest, I had just finished reading this, and she looked at me with bulging eyeballs of concern. When I told her it was a book heart-attack, she rolled her eyes and walked away. Nick and Em . . . it seems Fate just kept trying to either pull them together or tear them apart. Misunderstandings, heart-breaking news, amongst other things, all boiling down to an amazing outcome. 

About the Author
Elodie Nowodazkij was raised in a tiny village in France, where she could always be found a book in hand. At nineteen, she moved to the US, where she learned she’d never lose her French accent. Now she lives in Maryland with her husband, their dog and their cat. 

She's also a serial smiley user.

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