Tuesday, April 5, 2016

#HaddiesHaven: Whatcha Readin', Haddie? | April #TBR #currentlyreading

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I posted about my current reads or my TBR, so I figured this would be the time to give you an update. In case you missed them, I did post a few reviews over the last week. 

I've also got a few new reviews that will be posted in the coming week and next week, so look out for those. On with the TBR! I figured I would show you the books I am #currentlyreading, as well as books that I will be moving onto next. You know the drill: Goodreads links in the titles (or the covers will be linked, depending on how I get around to it). Also, I have a tablet with Kindle app now, so it is so much easier to read now.

I just finished reading Under My Skin by Laura Diamond (Swoon Romance), and wow! That is all I plan to say, because I have a review I am going to post during a blog tour, so look out for that. I personally did not know how much my heart could take!

A book I am #currentlyreading, like today and yesterday, is Ariel Rising (Ariel Between Two Worlds #1) by Aj & CS Sparber. Ohmigosh! First of all, the authors are husband and wife, how cute is that! Though I plan to post a review, I will say that it is very noticeable how much of their relationship the authors put into the main characters. Also, I am not big on fiction about angels but this is so worth the re-read. 

Next on my list is a sequel to a book I read last year and that is UNITY (Illirin #2) by Laura Maisano. This book is not out just yet, but I plan to have a review up on the release date, which is April 28th. I am already a few pages in and loving to reconnect with the characters and see where they are headed now.

Next is The Elementals (The Prophecy of Shadows & The Blood of Hydra, books 1&2) by Michelle Madow. I got these books for a review. The second book comes out on the 18th, so I will be reading these ASAP. Tiffany, from About To Read, raves about Michelle Madow's books all the time, and I trust her opinion on a lot of books. I just got these books on the 4th, but I know that I am going to be jumping right into them, and I cannot wait!

Finally, but certainly not least of the bunch, are several books that I have yet to pick up from my past TBR posts. To make things convenient, here are links to all those posts (though I will not get into too much detail about the books I did not start or finish yet).
That is all for now. I do have other books that I am reading, but the ones listed are the most important at the moment. I hope you are all enjoying a good book as well. Be sure to check out my signed bookmarks giveaway! It ends on the 30th, so you still have time to enter. See you all again soon!

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