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#Spotlight & #Review: Jessie Kasper by Bradon Nave @BradonNave @YABoundToursPR #Giveaway

Jessie Kasper
(Before We Fractured, Book One)
by Bradon Nave
Release Date: February 16th 2016
Limitless Publishing

For Jessie Kasper, inner turmoil hides behind the face of an overachiever...
From the outside looking in, Jessie is a normal nineteen-year-old high school senior. Athletic, likable, and seemingly well rounded, he’s every parent’s dream. However, Jessie is suffering from an unfathomable pain…the pain of loss.
Sickness tears him apart from the inside out—but the illness is not his own.
After cancer stole two of the most influential people in his life, Jessie is left to cope with his emotions. He struggles to make sense of his life's cruelty, and is obsessed with the idea that he too will someday become ill and fall victim to the merciless disease.
The first step to getting help is admitting there’s a problem...
As his emotional state begins to spiral, Jessie finally seeks psychiatric help. That's where he meets Kacey Monroe. She’s the most beautiful woman Jessie has ever laid eyes on, and she also knows the pain of loss. While they bond over their life experiences and mutual attraction, Jessie finds comfort in the normalcy of having a high school girlfriend.
Jessie's support system is not only shaken—it's completely destructed as a revolting secret is exposed leaving his vulnerable psyche completely eviscerated.
A split second decision completely alters Jessie's life course in a way he can't possibly comprehend. Hand in hand, he and Kacey are left to face the aftermath…or run.

DISCLAIMER: I received a review copy of this book in honor of this blog-tour. All opinions are my own and are not, by any means, influenced by others. 

This book begins with an impression bang. The first chapter gets you on your toes and you immediately are rushed into Jessie's head. His every move takes a major toll on you. Jessie is a well developed character; he's believe-able, and extraordinarily realistic. Sarah, Lily, Kacey and Duke are also amazing characters. I am just at a loss of words to express it.

My Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars.
Jessie Kasper is one of those books that had me reeling. Being in his head had me on a major roller coaster. A really great book is one that captivates you in the first paragraphs, and this is one of those books. I cried during the first chapter, and I do not have an logical reason to explain it. The plot was fitting and relate-able, even though I have not truly experienced some of the things mentioned. Reading this book during the last week has helped me not look at my own situations and see into someone else's life, even though it was fictitious.
This book is worth the read, and several re-reads.

About the Author
I live in Piedmont, Oklahoma with my wife and our two children. I have always loved writing, and finally decided to go for it. With the amazing resources available for emerging authors, it only makes sense to take advantage of them.

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