Sunday, April 3, 2016

#Review: The Girl in My Dreams by Logan Byrne | #HeartbreakinglyBeautiful #TrueLove

The Girl in My Dreams
by Logan Byrne
Genres: Teen & Young Adult, Ghosts, Romance, Paranormal, Contemporary
Published by: Kindle Press
Release Date: April 12th, 2016
When your girlfriend is a ghost visiting you in your dreams, life is anything but ordinary.
Seventeen-year-old Theodore Quinn has never had it easy. His dad recently left his mother and him, he’s not exactly Mr. Popular at school, and he’s never had a girlfriend—that is, until a chance encounter leads to a reconciliation with his childhood best friend and neighbor, Annabelle, whom he’s loved for as long as he can remember.
>>>>It’s only after they start dating that his life seems to be heading in the right direction. But that all changes one snowy night when Annabelle is instantly killed in a car accident, leaving Theodore devastated and emotionally crippled. In the midst of his desperation to see Annabelle again, she visits him in his dreams, and life suddenly becomes worth living again. With things starting to look perfect once more, Theodore must decide between living in his dreams forever, or facing reality and moving forward with a life he knows he’ll never truly have with her.<<<<

DISCLAIMER: This book is not yet available; however, I could not wait to share my thoughts. I want to be one of the first to share a review, even if it is a bit short. I own a copy of this book, which was given to me in appreciation for my support, for nominating the book via Kindle Scout. Also, the description itself is a major spoiler, so I hid that. 

Theo is a troubled character, not to mention he kind of feels left behind. His childhood best friend, Kelly, has been the only girl he has ever been in love with. However, Theo's senior year of high school begins to turn around as he and Kelly begin to get close again, leading into a relationship of true love. Everything about this book just keeps going forward, and it builds as it goes. 

Typically, we always read a romance coming from a female character's perspective. Rarely do we find well-written books from a male perspective. I mean, we do, but this one has just hit cut out a few books. In terms of writing.

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars.
I fell in love with this book. The moment I began reading, I could not put it down. Not to give away much, but it was quite a tearjerker in the middle, and the end. Just ask any one of my siblings about my outburst. I will say that I felt the book to be a bit predictable, only because everything was going WAY TOO WELL, but it was also hard to break away from. If anyone wants to scream with me, grab the book when it comes out and come back here. 

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