Monday, April 18, 2016

#Review: The Blood of the Hydra (Elementals, Book 2) by @MichelleMadow

The Blood of the Hydra
Elementals, Book #2
by Michelle Madow

A demigod who can kill with a touch. It's an ability that must be kept secret from everyone, even from those trusted most.

Finding out that her new school had her in a special homeroom for witches was strange enough, but now Nicole must face the realization that she has the rare power to kill with just a touch. It’s a secret she needs to keep not only from the Head Elders, but from the super-sexy witch Blake, who she’s had undeniable chemistry with even before he broke up with his long-term girlfriend, the vengeful witch Danielle.

Now Nicole and the four others gifted with powers over the elements, including Blake and Danielle, must stop a series of monsters that they previously believed to be dead from rising once again and destroying the mortal world. Three magical items are needed, including the blood of the slain hydra – ingredients that they must journey to the dangerous, mystical islands in Greece to retrieve. 

The monsters they face on this journey will be more threatening than anything they’ve encountered yet. But with the fate of the world on their shoulders, it’s up to the Elementals to return home victorious. Will they find the ingredients they need? Can Nicole and her friends pull off this mission while the tension between her, Blake, and Danielle threatens to ruin everything? And how long will it be until Nicole is forced to use her ability to kill in front of everyone, revealing the true darkness of her powers?

Find out in The Blood of the Hydra, and join the Elementals on their next journey in their quest to save the world – or die trying.

DISCLAIMER: I received a copy of this book (from the author), in exchange of an honest review. I reviewed The Prophecy of Shadows as well. In case you missed it, CLICK HERE. Also, I participated in the cover reveal for The Head of Medusa, so check that out as well.

Continuing the adventure that began in the previous book, Nicole and the other Elementals are going through intense training with their homeroom teacher, learning how to use their new weapons, which Blake learned to forge with his fire-power, from a book they found while searching for the Book of Shadows. Supporters of the Titans are escaping their underworld-prison, seeking to harm. There is a lot of the Odessy brought into this book, which made it thrilling.

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars.
This was such a great follow-up to the first book. I really like that it is Blake's element on the cover. I actually read this book while at the beach a a couple weeks ago, and read it in a few hours. It is fast pace and super fun to read, and I cannot wait for the next book!

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