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#HaddiesHaven: Raine's Haven by Shari J. Ryan | #Review @sharijryan @sassysavvyfab

Hey Invaders! I've got another book review for ya! And boy, is it a winner! If you read this book, please come back here and comment what you thought. I would love to have a fellow bookworm to rant and talk about this book with.

Raine's Haven
by Shari J. Ryan
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Release Date: February 22, 2017

 I felt like I was living in a prison while watching Raine Carson from my window, studying his sexy, tanned, and muscular physique for six long months. From inside of my house, he was perfect. Then I found out everything looked different from afar. Raine, a blunt and hot tempered man was living a life he wasn't proud of, and I found myself oddly attracted to the sickening reality he opened my eyes to. 

 She thought I'd fall for her seductive ploy and scarlet-glossed lips. She was right. Every person in this small town had something negative to say about Haven Leigh's life—the girl who had been handed everything on a silver platter. I ignored the rumors, and instead, searched for her truths. While struggling with disabling side-effects left behind by my coke-addict mother, Haven became the hope I needed. She was the good I wanted to be. But, as it turns out, she was the trouble I should have stayed away from.

Raine's HavenRaine's Haven by Shari J. Ryan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

DISCLAIMER: I received an ARC of this book for honest review.

Oh my gosh! My heart has not stopped racing. I kid you not, the opening pages had me in tears. And then it was mini heart attacks all the way through.

Raine's epilepsy had me torn. How the author managed to write about Raine's mother having an addiction and how she chose not to stop for the protection of her unborn baby . . . *stabs chest in the heart, keels over, bleeding out on the floor* And then Haven. I would feel exactly the same way she does if I were suddenly in a new environment and if I were living off someone's life, with the fake "high and mighty" neighbors. Terrible. "Money doesn't buy love and happiness." The phrase could not be more true.

I love how the author wrote the book in two parts, making the second half of the book continue several years later when the characters are older. True love never dies. That's what I have to say. Even when it appears the person has moved to someone else, it is evident they will never be in love with that person the way they are truly in love with their soulmate. Raine and Haven are soulmates and I love that they get their HEA, with many bonuses. This is totally on my top reading list of 2017.

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