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#HaddiesHaven: Revisiting My Favorite Books | Recommendations | @EstelleMaskame #ForbiddenRomance #YA @Fallzswimmer #Wattpad @SourcebooksFire @Wattpad

Hey Invaders! I recently took quite a big step, in terms of purchasing books, and I bought the DIMILY trilogy by Estelle Maskame. In bulk. 1-Clicked them in one go, which I never do. I do have reviews for all three books, which I will link somewhere in this post when I find them all. Hehehe! I have more than 3 books I want to talk about, so let's hop to it! *HOPS*
UK Edition Covers
One of my reasons for revisiting the DIMILY trilogy is because Estelle Maskame comes from small beginnings. Did I Mention I Love You? was originally first posted to Wattpad. I was not amongst the first readers, but I do remember seeing it in my recommendations list. Estella is an amazing writer, she deserves every spotlight that points on her. 
The DIMILY books are so beautifully presented. The forbidden love between step-siblings is heartbreakingly amazing. I said it in my reviews. I'm not afraid to repeat myself. Oh! And I found my review links. 
Book OneDid I Mention I Love You?

Book TwoDid I Mention I Need You?

Book ThreeDid I Mention I Miss You?


Visit those reviews. I apologize in advance for how kinda poorly presented my posts once were, but I get my point across. Estelle has a new book coming out!
*GASPS* I know for certain that I am going to enjoy her coming release Dare to Fall. It is currently available for pre-order in the UK, so I couldn't find an Amazon link for US.


Up next is another Wattpad original, and that is The Heartbreakers, book one in the Heartbreak Chronicles by Ali Novak. A.K.A. @Fallzswimmer. This is a book for fangirl hearts. I did not read the complete book on Wattpad while it was still classified as a Fan Fiction, but I had begun to read it, literally, right before learning that it had been published. I do finally have a copy on my shelf, I bought it used a few months or so back, and it gets so much love. But get this! 
The next book is available for pre-order! *SCREAMS* Well, it's only for paperback at the present time, but for those of you book bloggers who would want to review it, it is on NetGalley. My request was declined, but I'm not discouraged. I can always get a copy when it comes out. Paper Hearts follows Alec!
I don't own My Life with the Walter Boys. I did read a few chapters on Wattpad. That was a WHILE back. But I do remember wanting to keep reading, even though this was during a time when my mother forced me away from the site or health reasons.
If any of you Invaders have read these books, comment below and tell me, I would love to hear what you thought. Of course, everyone has their preference in reading. You like tea, I prefer coffee. But we all love books. Let's get along.
I apologize for the odd way the start of this post is formatted. I don't know what happened, it just went all kabuki. 

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