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#Review: Playlist: Part One (Westbrook, book 4) by Laura Clark | #NewPerspective

Playlist: Part One (Westbrook #4)

by Laura Clark

Due to mature content, this book is intended for readers who are 16+. Playlist Part One is Book 4 of the Westbrook Series, but can be read without having read the previous books.

Avery Brookes seems to have it all. She's popular, smart, and gorgeous. Everyone at Westbrook High wants to be her because she's as close to perfect as it gets. Or so it seems. . . . 

Avery is Ivy-league bound, but only if she lands the scholarship she has her eye on. Everything is on track until she gets her first bad grade. Without an A in this class, she can kiss that scholarship goodbye. 

An unexpected extra credit opportunity might help her land the A she so desperately needs. That is, if she can keep her schoolgirl-crush fantasies in check. After all, she’ll be working with Westbrook's hottest male teacher, Mr. Channing. With him barely out of college, and Avery on the way, it’s easy for her to dismiss their small age gap. Will she be able to keep their relationship strictly professional? 

Kyle Patterson swears that his player ways are a thing of the past. He’s a sophomore in college now. He wants to be in a committed relationship with Avery Brookes, his sister’s best friend, but she isn’t convinced of his transformation. What does he need to do to prove that he’s serious? Will Kyle be able to capture Avery’s heart before someone else claims it?

DISCLAIMER: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. May or may not contain spoilers, depending how much I want to scream about.

Wow, wow, wow. Okay, actually, I am going to try and keep the spoilers to myself, only because I may or may not have wasted my breath shouting about the book to my sisters. This book is explained through Avery's perspective (Laila's best friend, Trevor's ex-girlfriend), and goes back and forth between her and Kyle's point of view. Yes, Kyle Patterson; Laila's idiot and jerk, older brother.

Avery a kind of still hung up on Kyle, even though they have never actually admitted liking each other, and, also, Kyle has not proven to have changed from the player he has always been. He is also hung up on Avery, has been for quite some time. I have to admit, the way he thinks about her is adorable. And then there is Connor. . . . 

Okay, this will be considered a spoiler, so I will just "cover it up". >>>> Connor is the youngest teacher at Westbrook High, and there is a bit of a kindling between him and Avery.<<<<
That is all I shall reveal.

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars.
Wow, wow and more wow! Getting to be in Avery's and Kyle's head was awesome. After finishing Laws of Motion, I was curious about why Avery needed Laila to come and get her from a particular party. This book held the answers and I was so glad to have a small understanding why she was so easy about Laila and Trevor being together. Getting to see Kyle's side of things was definitely a plus and I think I might like him a little bit more, even though he is still a total idiot. As a reader, when in Avery's head, I felt her conflicting thoughts. I felt drawn between two guys right along with her. I still need to know more. There is quite a bit about Trevor and Laila that is unfolding and I cannot wait to know more!

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