Sunday, June 12, 2016

#Review: Forever Together (Forever Love Series, book 2) by Jade Whitfield

Forever Together 
(The Forever Love Series #2)

Dark haired beauty, Cindy Martin was once lucky in love, until her boyfriend broke her heart and sent her running. Attending college in faraway Los Angeles was the perfect excuse to get away, settle her heart and drown herself in wine and tears – except now she is back for the summer, and her ex hasn’t gone anywhere.
My, oh my! What a fantastic read! Following Cindy's and Brady's journey to recapturing the love they thought they lost was amazing. The fact that they were 'forever together' in their minds during their high school years was enough to make my own heart skip. The first pages grabbed my attention right away. I think I cried in the first chapter, when I realized there was something different and . . . Yes, I did cry. Not ashamed to admit it. A book that makes you cry is my definition of "a book that is a must read".

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars.
This is a great story about two people finding their way back into a love that they thought was lost. I'm interested in learning about Liv and Noah's story and what they went through. Hmm . . . Gonna have to get myself a copy somehow. ♥

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