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Monday, June 13, 2016

Book Recommendation: Theia's Moons: Eyes Wide Shut by Niki Livingston

Niki Livingston is a talent! In "Theia's Moons: Eyes Wide Shut," she has crafted a mesmerizing fantasy world filled with complex characters. The protagonist, Malkia, is the most complex character of the bunch. She is a powerful woman, a strong leader and a dedicated member of a group struggling to survive in the aftermath of a devastating event. Her world has been turned upside down when a vicious attack has claimed the lives of most of her family. Rather than letting adversity beat her down, she rises to the occasion to become the guiding light of her new family. It is a pleasure follow the adventures of a strong female leader. In a world surrounded by many powerful men, Malkia has risen to the top through sheer strength, will-power and perseverance. She is a strong leader but an equally understanding and nurturing one. She has taken the reigns of her group but allows others to share in the decision-making process in their struggle to survive.
Like many complex characters, she is conflicted, finding herself torn between her love for her new family and the powerful but mysterious attraction feels toward Damon, the ruthless leader of the savages, who becomes obsessed with Malkia and is determined to capture her at all costs. There is little doubt about where her true loyalties lie, but the reader can't help but wonder if her mysterious attraction to Damion will affect her judgment and pose a threat to the group.
The story is a page-turner. It flows from one page to the next. It has everything a science fiction/fantasy fan could hope for: imaginative worlds, fascinating mythical creatures, ruthless villains who will stop at nothing to get what they want and strong heroic characters who must use their incredible powers to overcome incredible odds. Highly recommended!
-Written by Encuentro

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