Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Review: Red-tailed Hawk by Nancy Schoellkopf | @nanschoellkopf @iReadBookTours | #Giveaway #WomensFiction

Red-Tailed Hawk (#2)
Paperback, 177 pages
Published March 11th 2017
Butterfly Tree Publishing

When Mariah Easter encounters a large hawk in her urban midtown neighborhood, her father Charlie is concerned. He can see a wild and mystical path opening before his daughter, a path he himself would never be able to resist. The hawk soon reappears: engraved with its twin on a golden thimble that has been an Easter family heirloom for generations. After the thimble is stolen at a funeral reception, Mariah and her mother Samantha set off on a road trip to find it, a journey that will bring healing to the grieving family and change Mariah's life forever.

Red-tailed Hawk is a coming of age story, the tale of a young woman's quest to discover the source of her own longing and to understand the mystical legacy of her family.

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DISCLAIMER: I was sent a complimentary copy of this book for honest review. My final thoughts and opinion are my own and remain unbiased. Special thanks to iReadBookTours and the author for the opportunity to read this wonderful story.

My oh my!  After reading the first book, I needed to know more. This book, though connected to the first book, follows the daughter of Samantha O’Malley. Mariah Easter is very much like her mother in so many ways, but she is also like her father (who was a favorite every time he was present). Mariah's older half-brother, Dale, is present and he finds himself drawn to one of Samantha's old students, Luisa. For those of you not familiar with Luisa or Samantha, do read the first book, Yellow-billed Magpie. I guarantee you will not find disappointment in either book.

I read and enjoyed this book with much delight. This book is about seeking answers and self-discovery. I love how Dale is drawn to Luisa and the bond they form. And how Mariah bonds with Rafa. Its a touching story and beautiful in every way. I love how clean it is. I have no complaints about this book. The author's writing is wonderful. The story is captivating. I would say you can definitely read this book in a day. I read it through a couple weeks because I was in the midst of moving and getting settles in a new house. But having this book with me definitely helped my mind to forget the chaos and enjoy a bit of calm. <3


Nancy Schoellkopf is the author of Yellow-billed Magpie, the first in her Easter Family series. Nancy has been telling stories and writing poems for many lifetimes. It goes without saying that she'd need a second income, so this time around she has happily taught amazing children in special education classes in two urban school districts in Sacramento, California. A full time writer now, she enjoys lavishing attention on her cats, her garden, and her intriguing circle of family and friends.

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