Thursday, March 31, 2016

#Review: Bending Under Pressure by Lindsay Paige | #MustRead #iHeartBooks

Bending Under Pressure
by Lindsay Paige

Haley Summers is struggling. She's in a new town with new teammates. She's unsure if she likes her new step-dad. She doesn't know why her father isn't answering her calls and keeps bailing on her. The only thing she has going for her is a boy who is struggling just as much as she is. 

Keelan Moore is always feeling pressure. He wants to be a good kid for his adoptive parents while getting reacquainted with his birth mom and that part of his family. The only thing he has going for him is Haley and showing her just how fun her new home can be. 

Pressure is hitting them from all sides. Can they survive unscathed while bending under pressure? 

DISCLAIMER: I received a copy of this book (via XpressoBookTours) in exchange of honest review. 
Fair warning: This review may contain spoilers. If you do not wish to have the book spoiled, purchase the book, read it, then come back. ;)

Bending Under Pressure follows two characters as they both go through life with every up and down possible. At first, Haley has no idea why her mother and father divorced and it take quite a toll on her. However, during her first tennis practice, she meets the good-looking Keelan. Something about him just makes her forget what is going on in her life and helps her to relax, and she barely knows him. 

It does not take long for a friendship to spark, and let's just say it builds into something amazing and beautiful. Not to mention Keelan owns a Mustang '67 (my favorite car!) Which he teaches Haley to drive, and lets her race with him. It is during the first race Keelan brings Haley to, that they really start to let their feelings show. #FirstKiss

Keelan's birth mother suddenly decides that she wants to get to know him, after having left him to the foster system when he was a young child, and keeping his younger sister over him. Imagine that. Haley's father happens to be . . . let's face it, a jerk/a-hole. Cheating on Haley's mother with the woman who he is not going to marry. Haley does learn about her father's behavior, but along the way is trying to salvage the image she has always had of him. No chance in that.

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars.
After reading Without a Doubt, I was ready for more of Lindsay Paige's books. Bending Under Pressure was my kind of book. It just was! I cannot quite explain it, but something about how Keelan and Haley look to each other for a distraction from everything they are thinking about. I love Keelan's relationship with his brother, Cameron, and with his parents, and the relationship he builds with Haley is every girl's dream! He opens doors, he addresses elders as "sir" and "ma'am"; he is respectful of Haley and does not push her into doing anything she does not want to do. Keelan is the perfect book-boyfriend! (Sorry, I called dibs first! ;D ) I love the way the book ended, even though I do kind of feel like the story was not over yet. Even so, it was a fantastic read and is high up on my favorites now.

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