Monday, January 30, 2017

#HaddiesHaven #Review: Modern Descendants (Books 1 & 2) by Elda Lore | Compiled Review

Hey everyone! Today's review consists of two books. I want to thank Elda Lore (L. B. Dunbar) for giving me the chance to read these two books. Without further adieu, the books! And quick disclaimer: I received ARCs of both books for honest review.

(Modern Descendants #1)

“Welcome to Hell.”
Persephone Fields is just an average girl: beloved daughter and loyal friend. One night decides her Fate, when the prince of The Underworld becomes her savior and her kidnapper. 
Hades has lived centuries in darkness and sin. When he decides to save the blonde goddess, he doesn’t consider the ramifications of his decision to bring her into his realm.
Two worlds divided struggle to find friendship in a history of family discord beyond their control. When attraction blurs the line, questions result in choices of love or loyalty.
A modern twist of the classic myth: Hades and Persephone, this version incorporates the sensual tension of opposites divided by contemporary humanity and mythical underworlds. Also reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet, this is a love story ripe with desire.
Author’s note: This book contains scenes of sexual intimacy.
Welcome to the alter ego world of L.B. Dunbar.

I cannot even begin to say how quickly I am won over. I've said in the past that I am not very big on paranormal, and that it takes a certain story to get me interested. This story had me captivated. I love Greek mythology and having those elements tied into a story always keeps my attention.

Elda Lore (L.B. Dunbar) brings us great twist to a well-known topic. I love how she mixed the essence of myth and contemporary, and created something entirely new. New to my eyes at least. I have read some of the author's work from her other pen-name (Legendary Rockstar series) and enjoyed those stories. Getting to see a contrast of the author's writing was really great. I can definitely say that I like the different styles, though they still ring true to the author.

Characters and plot got me. For him being the infamous leader of the underworld, gotta say, Hades is hot. Pun intended. *LAUGHS* If you're to put the time into it, I can say that this is a fairly quick to read. The story is paced perfectly. 

(Modern Descendants, #2)

Veva Matron is a feisty girl raging with suppressed anger and distrust of men.
Solis Cronus is a blindingly beautiful, Greek god of a guy, who likes to play women.

An electric hatred thunders through each of them about the other until one night, lightning strikes. A world of secrets reveals the destiny of two at odds with one another, and clouds the line between love and hate. Can a lively girl find calm in the stormy tension of a boy made of sunshine and sin?

The mythical tale of Zeus and Hera reignites in this modern interpretation of enemies to lovers. Full of flirty sexual angst and teasing temptation, Solis might be the one man who can extinguish Veva’s angry fire and ignite a different sort of flame: desire.

The fact that this book is a stand-alone, but follows the same book world as Hades, is great. Solis will make you swoon. I have to say Solis and Veva are addicting! There is simply no way you can get enough. There's just something about them that you find it hard to not like them and the story. Again, it is really great to see the author trying her hand at another genre. The author does a fantastic job delivering a great story, great characters. And her writing is addictive. I gotta have more!

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