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#HaddiesHaven: Cold Hard Cash & Hollywood Holden (Las Angeles Bad Boys) by Frankie Love

I'm here again!
And I am gonna share with you my short thoughts on the first two books in the Los Angeles Bad Boys (trilogy?) series by Frankie Love. The synopsis' and the covers will be featured above my brief review(s). I will also have the third book in the series listed, only because all the covers together are so gorgeous! To be fair, I already shared what I though of the third book, but I will list that review below as well. Let's hop to it!

Cold Hard Cash
(Los Angeles Bad Boys #1)

I only have eyes for her. 


Every time I step on stage, I feel alive. 
But that doesn't compare to the way I feel when I'm with Evie. 
She's an angel, so f*cking innocent. 
My story is written plainly in the lyrics I write; I'm an ex-con with the ghosts of my past everywhere. 
A man like me will ruin a girl like her. 
The record deal I dreamed of was just handed to me, the life I should want is mine for the taking. 
But the only thing I want is the girl I can't have. 

My life is safe. Planned. Predictable. 
And I want out. 
When Cash walks into my life, he's the breath of air I need. 
But being with me will destroy his career. 
My dad owns Kendrick Music Group and dating me is not an option. 
I would give him all of me ... but I won't ask him to make that sacrifice. 
The only thing I want is the bad boy I can't have. 
❤️Hey love, don't you think you deserve a little "me time" with a bad boy who knows how to take care of a woman? I certainly think so! Treat yourself, baby cakes! xo, frankie 
**This is a full-length novel with a HEA!** 

Cold Hard Cash (Los Angeles Bad Boys #1)Cold Hard Cash by Frankie Love
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Read this book from the box set and oh my gersh! I read St. Jude and had my heart ripped out, put back together. Same experience with this book. Again, HEA, love at first kiss (or sight, but I say kiss). Heart wrenchingly amazing.

Hollywood Holden
(Los Angeles Bad Boys #2)
"Once I start touching you, I won't be able to stop." 

I get what I want. 
Sex. Money. Fame. 
But Bexley is the only thing I've ever needed. 
Problem is, she doesn't think I've changed my wild ways. 
And f*ck, I haven't. 
But I will. 
For her, I will do anything. 
She was my best friend, but I'm ready to make her my woman. 
I just need to convince her I'm not the guy I used to be. 
That I'm more than an actor, I can be her leading man. 

I've never given in to what I really want. 
Moving to LA. Being an actress. Holden. 
I've always held back. 
Now I'm buried in regret for what could have been. 
I walked away because I was scared. 
After four years, I see him again. 
I want to give him everything I denied him before. 
Starting with my body. 
He was my best friend until I broke his heart. 
And now I am scared he's going to break mine. 
❤️WARNING: This is a steamy, friends-to-lovers, second chance romance that will remind you of your first love. Pour some wine, turn down the lights, and relive the past with the hottest man in Hollywood.

Hollywood Holden (Los Angeles Bad Boys #2)Hollywood Holden by Frankie Love
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a story about second chances. About best friends turned lovers and about how sometimes you just gotta get off your tuff, stand up and go after what you want. 'Nuff said.

Saint Jude

(Los Angeles Bad Boys #3)
“I need her in a way that won’t take no for an answer.”

When Catalina walks in the door, my heart stops.
She’s my best friend’s little sister, Etta’s babysitter,
and hot as hell.
The timing is all wrong. 
She’s too young, lost, and doesn’t know what she wants.
I have a baby and don’t need another person to take care of.
But then I take her against the wall and she finds her way into my motherf*cking heart.
The truth is, I’m the lost cause, and Catalina might be the one person who can save me.

I came to LA needing to escape an a-hole who was using me.
Six months later I end up at Jude’s house.
I’m a hot mess … but Jude? He’s hotter.
And walking into his home, seeing that Etta’s mother skipped town,
I realize I’m not the only mess around.
It starts as a one-afternoon stand— two people craving connection.
But quickly becomes more.
Trouble is, my past is catching up with me.

We might not have forever — but we have today.

Saint Jude: Los Angeles Bad BoysSaint Jude: Los Angeles Bad Boys by Frankie Love
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hot bad boy + cute baby = PERFECTION
I honestly don't have any words to say about this book other than the fact that it involves a hot guy and a cute baby. A smexy relationship and HEA of course, and this is my total go-to kind of story. Frankie Love is amazing at what she does!
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The box set for this series is available for $0.99!! So, if I were you, I would go grab it right now! If I had the extra pennies, I would be buying it right now! But I don't at the moment, so it is on my wish-list for now. As are few other box sets that are $0.99 right now. But I will get them eventually. They will go on sale again for sure. Anyways, see ya!

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