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Lost in Geeklandia by E.J. Russel (@EJ_Russel) #Romance #Review

Lost In Geeklandia (Entangled: Select Contemporary)
by E.J. Russell

Genre: Romance
Pub Date:
September 28, 2015

My Rating:

She has 30 days to turn her enemy into her boyfriend...

Introverted computer engineer Charlie Forrester has coded an algorithm for love, a nearly flawless matchmaking program. But then she's challenged to prove its accuracy - on herself. With her dream job on the line, Charlie has thirty days to forge a romantic relationship with her "perfect" match...her ex-friend and now-nemesis, Daniel Shawn. Since her dating experience is expressed in binary, she'll need more than flirting lessons and a wardrobe overhaul to pull it off.

After falling victim to the same online matchmaking con he was investigating, reporter Daniel Shawn's professional reputation went up in flames. Now he suspects someone has rebooted the scam, and he's determined to expose the fraud and rebuild his career. Unfortunately, his efforts to get back in the game get sidetracked by Charlie and her adorable geekitude, even though she seems to know a little too much about digital dating for Daniel's comfort.

And when fake romance crosses into real chemistry, Charlie's formula for love might just be the perfect formula for disaster...

DISCLAIMER: I received a review copy of this book (via NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review.

Characters/Plot: The main female character is Charlie. As the synopsis states, she is a computer engineer, and she is dared to prove her matchmaking flawlessness on herself. The glitch in the deal is that she must try and use her skills on someone whom she has chosen to loathe, Daniel. Because they have a history ( a friendship-py history) Charlie finds it to be quite a task. Sparks fly, chemistry builds. Its your typical good read.

My Honest Opinions/Thoughts: I am usually a fairly quick reader, but for some odd reason, it took me a couple weeks to get into this book. I was thrown off at the beginning because I was slightly confused with the character and it took a while for the plot to pick up. I was intrigued to read this book because it is from Entangled Publishing, and I have loved the majority of their books thus far. The second thing that caught my attention was the cover. I liked the splash of color over the tech background, and of course the couple on the front.  I must say that though I fairly liked this book, I probably won't check out the author's other work(s). Not hating, but its not my thing. 

I gave this book 4 of 5 stars because it was intriguing, I liked the overall storyline, in spite of the slow build up. But don't count on my opinion to influence your reaction to this book. Your reading experience might be different from mine, so I challenge you to see for yourself.

About the Author
E.J. Russell writes romance in a rainbow of flavors — from M/F stories grounded in absurd contemporary reality to M/M tales splashed with the supernatural — but you can be sure that while the couple makes their way to HEA, they’ll never stray too far into the dark.

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