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Friday, September 25, 2015

I Am Titanium by John Patrick Kennedy (@JohnPatKennedy) #Review #HaddiesHaven

I Am Titanium 
John Patrick Kennedy 
Publication date: June 19th 2015
Genres: Science FictionYoung Adult

My Rating:

Book Description: Pax is a teen-age genius who learned to contact the astral plane and communicate with a being who lives there.

He’s also dying.

So when Pax’s astral mentor offers him a chance at life and power greater than any human has ever possessed, in exchange for helping the astrals inspect Earth, Pax jumps at the chance.

What happens next sets off a series of events that change Pax and his friend Scarlett forever… Partly because the astral beings have their own agendas, and for some of them, mankind’s survival means very little.
And they’re not even the biggest threat…

DISCLAIMER: I own this book, but I had requested to review this book (via XpressoBookTours) before learning that I had won an e-book copy. I read from my e-book copy. I am going to keep this as non-spoiler as I can.

Characters/Plot: Pax is an incredible character, you can't not like him. He sticks in your head (probably because the first thing that is happening is him in the hosipta); you can't stop thinking about his story. First few chapters has you on a book roller coaster, and I know it is not easy to do that. Which was fantastic. You get sucked in at the beginning. It is so hard to stop reading about Pax and the things he goes through. His friend, Scarlett; you learn that she cannot live without him. You feel her agony in the beginning and as everything progresses, you learn more about their friendship, and Astral beings. It is a heart-jolting book!

My Honest Opinions/Thoughts: I never read anything like this. I was glued to my seat while reading. And I actually had to force myself to stop reading to catch up with other books that I should have read before this one. But this was too good not to read, I just could not stop. I did not want to stop. If you're a Sci-Fi junkie, this is definitely the book for you. Also, the cover is EPIC! I showed it to my brothers and it inspired them in their artwork. They have been trying to make similar drawings ever since. Be sure to grab your copy now!

About the Author
John Patrick Kennedy has been writing stories ever since he could write. At first, his imagination was his escape from a difficult childhood, where he never seemed to "fit in." Other kids taunted him for being different and John began to create worlds in his stories where he could feel safe and secure; stronger and more confident.

When John grew older, he discovered a taste for wanderlust and adventure. As a young man, he travelled the world with little but what he could carry on his back. He has climbed Denali, hiked the Amazon, and even spent a year in Japan, teaching English and feeding deer in the famous Nara Park. His love of Asian history and philosophy has led him to become a master at Jeet Kune Do and a practicing Taoist.


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