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Hey Invaders! Long time no see, right? Well, there's a reason for that, but I'm not going get into it right now. Because I want to share this AMAZING book with you. I did not read an ARC of this book. I waited until the book was on Amazon and then I bought my copy so fast, you wouldn't believe. I think I was one of the first people to buy a copy. It went live a day early, what do you expect?
You know the drill: I am only sharing my final thoughts on the book. The synopsis is right there for you to have a brief idea what the book is about. Cover will be linked to Amazon (or in this case, below the synopsis). My Goodreads review will be right beneath the corresponding book.
Afterthought: I added a teaser which the amazing Jennifer Miller shared on her FB page. I couldn't resist.

Broken Melody
(Graffiti On Tour Series)
by Jennifer Miller
Release Date: July 10th, 2017

He’s a rock star destroying himself to ease his guilt. 

Maddox Colt is pissed as hell. Yes, he’s been labeled “messed up” in the press lately, but he has a reason. Right now, the alcohol and bad choices cover the pain. But, the label for Maddox’s band is done with his antics. They’ve delivered an ultimatum, add a girl to the group for a fresh new look and sound, or they’ll be dropped. He may be forced into this decision, but he’s sure as hell not going to like it. That all changes the moment he hears Sailor Blue sing. 

She’s determined to forget her painful past. 

Sailor Blue is so good at faking being happy she’s beginning to believe it herself. Tending bar in downtown LA pays the bills just fine and she’s even managed to make some friends. She’s doing her best to forget and move on. Losing herself in work and music helps. Until one night her life is forever changed with an invitation to audition for the band Graffiti. 

Together they’ll write a new melody. 

Their love of music brought them together, and if they dare to accept their unspoken love for each other they can realize that broken melodies can be whole. 

Warning: 18 and over please. Book contains sexual situations and triggers.

Broken Melody (Graffiti On Tour Series)Broken Melody by Jennifer Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Maddox and Sailor have stolen position as my top OTP!!

I haven't had a OTP takeover in so long. Like legit. Maddox and Sailor are so perfectly molded and fit so well together. When Jennifer Miller announced this book I knew I was go into love it. I knew wouldn't get enough of the story, the mini heart attack was definitely worth it, but dagnabit! I have to wait for more! Sheesh!
Okay, I'm serious now. Sailor's background brought back memories of my own from being in a foster family. I might be with my family now, but any time I hear or read about someone who doesn't go back with their family, or doesn't have family to return to, it really does break my heart. Jennifer captured that essence so well. I was crying just now!

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I would like to add something, considering it is so hard to write a review on my kindle, and I can't always say everything I want to. Not to spoil anything, and I hope it doesn't, but I will blot this part out. If you don't mind knowing a tiny bit of what happens, just highlight between the  >>>♥<<<

>>> Jennifer Miller's style of writing is so up my ally. I like how there wasn't too many scenarios where the characters have multiple fallouts. Or one major fallout towards the end that makes the guy work for the girl again. Don't misunderstand. There are moments like that, but nothing to make me lose my stubby nails over by chewing on them. Yes, I do that when I'm anxious. Anyway, Jennifer wrote Maddox's character to be so understanding and sensitive to Sailor. He didn't even jump to conclusions when she tries to explain . . . something of her past. They seriously are the perfect match for each other. <<<

That's all for this post. Oh! Be sure to go give my Facebook page a like. Once I hit 500 likes, I will be having a swag giveaway. I have so much extra bookish swag that I sat down and put together four packed envelopes of bookmarks! That's right. 4 envelopes means 4 winners. I am pretty sure I will be able to send a small letter-size envelope international . . . I think. I have to check with my parents. Anyways. See y'all soon!

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