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Hello, Haven Invaders! I am super stoked to bring you this post today. I haven't shared many non-tour reviews lately, but I'm working on having more personable posts in the near future. The book I am about to share/review is one I had the privilege of reading over the last couple of weeks. Normally, I would have loved to just sit down and ignore the rest of the world while I read. But I was on call for my PA job and my family's had a bit going on.
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I have reviewed this author in the past and have enjoyed both previous books. If you are interested in checking out those posts, you can find them here: Just A Few Inches | Mirror Me -Without further delay, the book!

Some Kind of Wonderland
Tara St. Pierre

Sometimes we all need an escape down a rabbit hole.

Since her parents’ divorce, Allyson’s only source of comfort and refuge has been within the pages of Alice in Wonderland, which her father used to read to her every night. Now a quiet and shy teenager, she auditions for her school’s production of the story, despite having no previous acting experience. But no one knows Alice like she does—she’s memorized every word—and she believes that getting the part is the only way her father will return for her.

Instead, she is enlisted as an assistant to the stage manager, and she runs afoul of the drama queen cast in the role she desires. Shuffling between a full deck of actors, a fidgety time-obsessed director, and an over-caffeinated costume crew, can Allyson navigate the bizarre world of high school theater? And how will her mother feel when she finds out it’s that story?

As fiction merges with fact and her present reality uncovers past memories, what curious things will Allyson discover—and how much will she grow—along the journey through her own kind of Wonderland?

Some Kind of WonderlandSome Kind of Wonderland by Tara St. Pierre
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alice In Wonderland fans, this is definitely for you! I am a huge fan of the classic tale. I am also a huge daydreamer. So, I can relate to Allyson on so many levels. I love that she recites the lines of the book from memory. And I adored Carter; he is just sweetest.

I love Tara St. Pierre's writing. The flow of the story was just so smooth. Each character fit perfectly, nothing felt out of place. And it all comes together in the end. It's amazing.

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