Monday, December 10, 2018


•••••• GLIMMER ••••••
Ashley Munoz 

A single father running from his past. ✔
A broken woman looking for hope.
An unexpected spark.
A few unexpected demons that come back to play.

❥ Synopsis ❥

Ramsey  I had one goal: get through this stupid year. That's all my mother had left to live, and I wasn't spending it anywhere else but by her side.  Then I met him.  A single father, alleged MC member, and the worlds best mini pizza maker.  I was playing with fire, and I should have known better than to assume I wouldn't get burned. My goals, future, none of it mattered once his demons came to collect. 

Jimmy She’s a storm that came in quick, consuming everything in her path. I was a fool to think I wouldn't drown. She's too good for me. Sophisticated sass in high heels, crunches numbers for a living and wears braids in her hair. I want her.  But I shouldn't. I'm not good for her, not after what happened. They say that even the darkness has radiance hidden somewhere within it. Just this once, I hope that’s true because I need her to be my light. My hope. My glimmer. 

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