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Andy Smithson: Power of the Heir's Passion (Prequel Novella) by L.R.W. Lee (@LRWLee) Series #Review

Power of the Heir's Passion (Andy Smithson Series, Prequel Novella)
by L.R.W. Lee
Fantasy: Magic,YA, Short Stories

Before the adventure, before perilous quests…the tale of three royal ghosts. 

In a land far away, there lived a prince who loved power. Carried away by his lust, he surrendered to its devices and usurped the throne from his older sister in an act of treachery. 

Imogenia unexpectedly finds herself in the Afterlife, having to navigate between Peace Paradise, the Unclaimed Baggage department, the Unfinished Business office, and other governmental agencies. Against a backdrop of soul music, she encounters all manner of new experiences from black, frothing, arsenic-spiced drinks to guest services personnel and plays host to her parents when they join her. While the spirits are friendly and the experiences memorable, Imogenia has never forgotten the cause of her early arrival in the afterlife, and plots revenge. Her parents initially support a beta test she proposes to the Committee on Afterlife Affairs to punish her brother, but grow weary of the conflict over five-hundred-years and petition to withdraw their support. What will Imogenia do? How will she realize the justice denied her? How will her actions impact others? 

The Andy Smithson fantasy books set in the medieval times of King Arthur include: 
Blast of the Dragon's Fury, Book One 
Venom of the Serpent's Cunning, Book Two 
Disgrace of the Unicorns' Honor, Book Three 
Resurrection of the Phoenix's Grace, Book Four 
Vision of the Griffin's Heart, Book Five - Coming January 13th, 2016

This is just the beginning, there are to be Seven book in the series, not including the prequel.
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DISCLAIMER: Though I own this book, I did receive the other books in the series from the author, in exchange for honest reviews. Be on the look out for my reviews of each book! 

My Review: There is a possibility that I should have read Blast of Dragon's Fury to know what I was getting into. But I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Because it follows a bit of a ghostly storyline, one where the dead are involved with those whom are still living, I definitely was hooked. Some of my most favorite YA reading involve points like this. For all you fantasy lovers, this is a great, quick read and you will definitely get a good laugh from it.

Not to give away too much, because some people don't like spoilers, this novella begins with the death of Imogenia, at the death of her brother, Kaysan. I suppose you could say he wanted something in particular, but Imogenia was in the way.

"Imogenia hovered above the slowly fading scene. Kaysan, her younger brother, stood looking at the still form lying on the floor. The corners of his mouth started to turn up in a smile and his eyes narrowed in contempt. Her brain whirled, struggling to put the pieces together."

Imogenia then is escorted to the terminal, where she may choose to rest in Peace Paradise or go to Hades for a tan, and everything else. Due to an almost-vow, Imogenia determined to make her brother pay for her death before she finally chooses to pass on to Peace Paradise. She is sent to the Waiting Area, after speaking her plans to make her brother miserable, she meets her mother. Imogenia's mother had passed on prior to her own death. Imagine seeing your mother after knowing her to have died. 

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars. This was a great laugh; I really liked Imogenia as a charcter. The plot itself

About the Author:
L. R. W. Lee is the author of the Andy Smithson juvenile fiction series of epic fantasy books for kids 9 to 99 including teens and young adult, set in medieval times with knight, magic and mythical adventures. She lives in scenic Austin, TX with her husband and her daughter who is a Longhorn at UT Austin. Her son serves in the Air Force.

Her teen YA fantasy series includes free young adult books. Blast of the Dragon's Fury, the series starter, is one such Kindle freebie. Lee gives away the first ebook of her teen & young adult books for free in order to let readers sample her work at no risk and so those without a large reading budget can enjoy an epic adventure.

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