Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What We Cannot See - Wattpad Review

What We Cannot See - Wattpad Link
Writter by: KayDove - Wattpad User
The world we once knew is gone. Three-fourths of the world's population is dead or missing. The Remainders are slowly losing a grip on their sanity. Lissa's life, in the midst of the apocalypse, is in shambles.
She ran away to be free, yet when she is captured by an unlikely friend on her journey, she begins to feel just as trapped as before. Can Lissa sacrifice the new life she has built for herself for the lives of others?
Will the secret to everlasting humanity be found?
This is one of the current stories that I have started to read on Wattpad. So far, it has been quite intriguing. Most readers would say not to judge a book by its cover, but in that does not apply in this case. I am not all through it yet, but I take this opportunity to share what I thought of the first chapter(s).

The two main characters are Lissa and Ryce. This story switches between POVs (point of views), and follows each character as they try to survive. As the description states, they are amidst the Apocalypse, and everything is, basically, in ruins. The furtherest I have read is that Lissa got in the middle of Ryce and a mission he was doing, and his boss gives information concerning Lissa's identity.
I felt that Lissa might have been a bit TOO easily trusting to a waitress she meets at an old, run down, diner.  I felt that maybe Lissa should have been a bit more pre-cautious, considering her resent circumstances. I also preferred Ryce's POV over Lissa's and I think it had to do with how that chapter was written. It seemed more thought out. The story itself is amazing, and I look forward to reading it more.

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