Thursday, July 9, 2015

Now I Knew You - Non-Spoiler Review (Hopefully)

Now I Knew You (Cherry Hill Series - Teen Supernatural with a sweet touch of romance Book 1)Now I Knew You by Ron Estrada
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is amazing!

Okay, so here are my precise thoughts about this book . . . I have never enjoyed a book this much! What intrigued me the most was that this story is Christ-centered, or Christian fiction. It is so eye-opening, funny, and heart warming. The characters are so vivid; I literally was seeing it as a movie in my head! (Directors and producers! You have got a winner right here!) This is book has several chapters posted on, but I have a copy on my Kindle app.

Plot: Partially unpredictable. Every time I thought I would guess what would happen next, I got a curve-ball. The story was so well thought out. There were parts that reminded me of 'Heaven is for Real', by Todd Burpo. But that alright, because if I had not known about that book before reading this one, it would just confirm everything if I read it for the first time.

Characters: As previously stated, the characters were so vivid. You become fond of many characters as they are introduced, and each one of them leaves an impact, in their own ways. You feel their emotions; their pain, their gladness, everything.

I cannot say anything that I have not already said. This book is, WOW! I am so glad that I read it that I want to read it over and over. So do yourselves a favor and check this out!

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