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Grounder copy

Welcome to the tour for Grounders by Leonard Love Matlick. Read on for more details!


Publication Date: April 30th, 2022 
Genre: Police Procedural/ Crime Fiction 

Grounders is cop slang for easy open and solved cases. A husband kills his wife, a bar-fight with a knife or a gun, cases quickly solved in two or three days. Cops love this and get credit for promotion for easily solving cases. In Grounders the NYPD cops find that this murder of a cook is much more than a simple grounder. It involves the Chinese Tong gangs in NYC, Peruvian rebels who want to overthrow their government by using “magic rocks” that were left from an alien civilization like Stargate in Machu-Picchu, and a love story between a detective and a Tong leader’s granddaughter. Grounders combines everything; murder, love, greed, drugs, and rebels amid the backdrop of detectives trying to solve a murder mystery. Get your copy from Barnes & Noble or on Amazon!

About the Author

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Leonard Love Matlick is an engineer, writer, and life coach. He works designing and maintaining NYPD police precincts. He has previously published Cops lie! and The success and confidence manual. 

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