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Hey, Invaders! How are you doing? Are you staying inside? Are you bored out of your mind? Well, as it turns out, so am I. I haven't made a post like this in FOREVER. Figured now was as good a time as any. Books are the way of passage to the imagination. Imagination is an excellent companion during these hard times. The best source of imagination is in Fantasy. Its in the word. 

I'm going to be sharing some fantasy books today. Nobody asked me to do this, I just felt like it. But I am sure all the authors I mention will appreciate the shout-out. I do wish to disclaim the fact I am including affiliate Amazon links. When you visit a book using my link, and make a purchase, I do make a small commission. Links will be in the image cations. Let's get to those books!

A book I have not visited in a while is the Everealm series by J. D. Wright. As one of my top favorite fantasy series, I plan to do a re-read of all the books, including the sequel series!

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Songs of Everealm Series
(currently 4 books!)

From Book 1: Princess Sarita has everything. Loving parents, a castle fit for royalty, fine clothes, loyal friends, and an exciting job as a scholar of magic. At eighteen years of age, one might think that she would be content with her position. But one thing has always been missing from her life... full magic, itself.

When a strange old woman gave Sarita a secret spellbook as a child, her entire life was changed. The book contains spells, songs, and stories. But most of all, it provides a path to gaining full magic, the only thing that Sarita still needs to feel complete. And now, she has finally prepared to leave her home in search of the Stones of the Divine, the final ingredient she needs to gain magic.

Gabrielle has been known as the sister of a knight and best friend of the princess for as long as she can remember. Now an experienced healer's assistant, she is desperate to find her place and purpose in Junacave. An adventurous mission to help Sarita locate a mystical stone may be just the change in her life that she is looking for.

King Cassidy is still alone, but not for a lack of trying. His attempts to convince the Princess of Junacave to marry him over the past ten years have been for naught. And being twenty years old, with no heir, he is running out of time. If he can't win the heart of the princess, he may have to face a future without the love of his life.

Adventure, romance, and magic await as we travel through Everealm with royalty, wizards, fairies, and more, in the fantasy-romance Songs of Everealm, a five-book series by J.D. Wright, author of the Everealm Series.

NOTE: Intended for mature audiences. This book contains MILD adult content. Subsequent books will contain MODERATE adult content.

***Songs of Everealm Series is the second series set in the fantasy-filled Everealm. It begins 8 years after the conclusion of the first series, the Everealm Series, but CAN be read first or as a standalone series.***

Up next is for Shadowhunters fans! As an avid Michelle Madow reader, I loved this next series and want to revisit this one as well.

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Angel Trials: 
The Complete Series

This box set includes all seven books in The Angel Trials series by USA Today bestselling author Michelle Madow and is over 1,800 pages of magic, romance, adventure, and twists!

She thought magic didn’t exist. She was so, so wrong.

Raven Danvers is a typical student… until a demon attacks her on the night of her birthday. Luckily, she’s saved by Noah—a mysterious, sexy wolf shifter who appears and disappears before she can ask him any questions.

Then Raven's mom is abducted by the same demon who came after her. And who turns up at the scene of the crime again? Noah. He’s hunting the demons who are taking humans, and he’s ultimately heading where Raven needs to go to save her mom—the mystical island of Avalon.

Now Raven’s joining Noah’s demon hunting mission whether he wants her there or not. Which he doesn't. But nothing stops Raven, so she and Noah will have to learn to work together—if they don’t kill each other first.

More importantly, she has to survive his crazy demon hunt. Because surviving is the only way to get to Avalon and save her mom’s life.

20,000+ copies sold. Over fifteen MILLION pages read. 2,500+ five-star reviews for the series. Now, for a limited time, save 70% compared to buying the individual books by reading the entire Angel Trials series in this special bundle deal!

This bundle contains all seven books in The Angel Trials series:

1) The Angel Trials
2) The Angel Hunt
3) The Angel Trap
4) The Angel Gift
5) The Angel Island
6) The Angel Secret
7) The Angel Test

Sticking to the angelic theme, one of my favorite fantasy-paranormal authors redid the covers of her series and released the box set. Of course, this was a while ago, but I want to share anyway.

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The Dark Angel Series
by Hanna Peach

" of the best paranormal series I've read in years" ~ Night Owl Reviews (Top Pick)

Forget everything you know about angels…

I’m Alyx. You’ll likely find me slicing demons with my blades rather than plucking at harp strings. I train harder than any other warrior to prove I’m nothing like my parents.

When I meet Israel, a handsome yet mysterious mortal being hunted by demons, the connection is…electric. Earth-shattering. And almost gets me killed.

He’s trouble. And our friendship is forbidden.

But I like trouble.
Trouble likes me...

Turns out we’re the only thing standing between Earth and the coming Armageddon.

This is a box set of books of the complete Dark Angel fantasy series:
Book 1 - Angelfire
Book 2 - Angelstone
Book 3 - Angelsong
Book 4 - Angelblood
Book 5 - Angeldust
Book 6 - Afterlife

This next book is a NEW RELEASE! I had the privilege of reading an ARC and wow. It is the 3rd "stand-alone" book, and if you're a Sarah J. Maas fan, you'll love it.

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 Emerald Warrior
by Karen Tomlinson

A broken warrior. A human healer. A curse that will unite them…or shatter them forever.

After surviving the war of the Eight Kingdoms, Commander Attion Sarou finds his identity blurring. Tasked by his king and queen to learn more about his green magic and healing talents, Attion discovers himself in uncharted territory when he falls for Meri, a human healer burdened by a debilitating curse. But Attion is a killer, not a healer. It’s where his talent lies. And when his aggressive fae desires surface and his emotions slip from his control, Attion becomes determined to let Meri live free of his toxic presence. Forcing himself to leave her behind, he sets off on a quest to find a cure for the cruel curse that plagues this beautiful healer.

Meri isn’t frightened by Attion’s brutal history - or by Attion himself. But demons seem to haunt the green-winged fae warrior. When he leaves without telling her why, Meri stubbornly resolves to be the one to conquer those demons for him—even if it means risking her life, and her heart, to vanquish them.
As they each embark on their own quests, Attion and Meri face magic and conflict that places both their lives in unforseen jeopardy.

Can a warrior with a broken past, and the cursed human healer who has unlocked his heart, survive the dangers they face as they struggle to reunite?
Buy Emerald Warrior today and submerge yourself in a fantasy world of fae warriors, magic, battles, romance and more…

For upper YA readers who enjoy high/romantic fantasy books by authors such as Sarah J Maas, Holly Black, Mary E Pearson and Kendare Blake.

Well, that's all I have for you. I wish you all good health and silly smiles.

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