Monday, June 18, 2018


Hello my lovely Invaders. I never thought I would have to say this, but I guess it's time . . . NO! I am not ending my blog. Sheesh. Don't even think that! I know I haven't been around much with personal posts about what I'm reading and such, but that doesn't mean I'm can't do them when I get back to Puerto Rico.
What I am posting about today is that I have to unhaul a few books. Sadly, I never thought I would have to get rid of any, but since staying in Maryland with my aunt and her family, I've accumulated quite a few from giveaways. And now, with the pending trip back to my Invisible Island, I can't take all of them in my suitcase. Trust me, I've tried to work it out, but can only manage about 5 books, which include the 2 I brought with me on the plane when I was coming up here. I can't leave those behind because 1) one of them is an ARC PROOF copy of a book I read in the past that isn't formatted. 2) these 2 books are my favorites and I read them all the time, and 3) I can't get one of them on ebook right now.

So, I'm selling the books. I could really use the money right now. I'm not gonna lie. I haven't been able to get a job. All my leads have gone nowhere.

Anyways, these books are in PERFECT condition. I've hardly touched them since removing them from their packages. The only thing that makes them "USED" is that majority of these books have been signed and personalized. If you are at all interested, please see the FORM provided for all titles and details.

Payments accepted through PayPal.
I will leave this form open until all the books have been called for. Hopefully, 2.5 weeks.

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