Thursday, November 30, 2017



Hey Invaders!! I know, it's been way too long and I apologize. But I have a valid excuse. On September 20th, of this year, 2017, my little Invisible Island became extremely VISIBLE. Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane MARIA. The island, as you all have become aware, has been in utter devastation (without electrical power, running water, communication, etc). I do not want to go into detail as to what happened when the hurricane hit, because then these couple of months for recovery would have been in vain. I don't want to remember that day right now. And I was told to just relax and let myself recover.
I am currently staying with family on my mother's side, in Maryland. As soon as we were able to make contact with the outside world, my aunt got cooking and was able to get us (my mom and her children) out of the island and up to her house. We've been here since the beginning of October. 
Mentally, I've not been able to keep a steady blog schedule. Yes, there were a few that went up, but they were pre-scheduled and all I did was add my piece to the reviews or whatever. But now, you'll see a few more posts from me, and hopefully, I will get back into the swing. Oh, and not to worry. NONE of my books were damaged.

I've not been reading as much as I would normally, except for my paperback copy of Rhythm, Chord, & Malykhin by Mariana Zapata. Which ALWAYS gets me in a better mood. But now and then, I've picked up some NOT-SO-RANDOM titles and read them in between my TV time. *looks down with shame* Yes, I've been binging shows with my cousin's Netflix.
I decided I'd share some of those books, of which majority were re-reads and part of series' I already love. Prepare yourselves. It's gonna a perma-page on my blog, and I'll add as I go.


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