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HEY HAVEN INVADERS! I am so excited to share this duet with you. If there is one thing I love most in books, that is a major HEA. Happily ever after. And this duet has that (I think it's a duet). As always, my reviews consist of my final thoughts and reactions from my reading experience. The synopsis' fr the books will be above my review for that book. Goodreads and Amazon links will be in the cover captions.
Before I get into the books, can I just say that I love how simple the covers are? This is the 'less is more' scenario, and they speak volumes. 

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The Light Between Us
Poppy Parkes
Kindle Edition, 236 pages
Published January 15th 2017 
She of the Wild

For twenty-something Boston school teacher Ruth, she's gotten by just fine on playing it safe, thank you very much. But now her risk-free life and nice-girl demeanor are leaving her increasingly heartsick. So when she meets bad boy Derek, she's willing to overlook her “no romance” rule and give him a chance to prove her fears wrong. Because he, also, is plagued by a sense of ennui and pointlessness, wanting to change his fast-and-loose living but not knowing how. 

Neither can deny the inexplicable, illogical attraction drawing them together, and they are hard-pressed to resist it. But what will their unlikely relationship cost, and who will be caught in the crossfire? 

The Light Between Us is a sassy and sensual romp from Poppy Parkes. Part love story, part comedy of errors, and part coming of age tale, The Light Between Us is a delicious read for fans of the romance and new adult genres alike. 

"The Light Between Us, a raw and powerful love story about forgiveness and learning to trust our instincts. Sexy and Intense, I couldn't put this novel down and wished, at the last chapter, for more." - Heather Mattern, author of Saving Katie Baker and The Grey Muse 

"The Light Between Us is the kind of book that reaches into you and settles in. The implication of this genre is to find a light summer beach-bound read. That is the not the case here. The characters are fulfilling, the plot more than a little unexpected, and just sensual enough to keep you blushing without dropping the book. Riveting." - R. L. Haas, author of Portals of Water and Wine 

The Light Between UsThe Light Between Us by Poppy Parkes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love this! And I mean that.

There are no adequate words to describe this book. It definitely took me a bit, but I've read it and I love it. On to the sequel!!

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Finding Me and You
(Sequel to The Light Between Us)
Poppy Parkes
Kindle Edition
Published February 14th 2017
She of the Wild

What does it take to make love work?

Ruth and Derek's romance got off to a rocky start. After so many wrong turns, however, it seems that they are finally enjoying the real deal. But between the stress of planning a wedding, a difficult case at Derek's law firm, and the prospect of meeting each others' parents, will the couple be able to survive?

In this sequel to The Light Between Us by Poppy Parkes, Ruth and Derek take their relationship to the next level -- and out west. As the couple navigates romantic horseback rides and awkward family situations alike, they attempt to find their way forward into the rest of their happily ever after together.

Finding Me and You (Sequel to The Light Between UsFinding Me and You (Sequel to The Light Between Us by Poppy Parkes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beautiful sequel!

Ruth and Derek have some rough patches to get through. Both with Derek's past, and Ruth building walls around her heart to avoid disappointment. I honestly expected something even more terrible to happen, but this story was so real. The trials and troubles Ruth and Derek have happen to people in real life all the time. It was amazing.

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Beautiful. Poppy is an amazing author. There is also a spin-off short story that follows Ruth's bestie, Padme. I have it and will be reading soon (already started) and will definitely share what I thought soon. I hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!

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