Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bookworm Problems | #HaddiesHaven #InvadersAreWelcome #DontTouchTheFox

Hello Invaders. I decided to write a very bookish post for you today. As readers, book lovers, bookworms, we all have book related problems. I figured I would write out some of the common situations we have. I may or may not have them, but you know.

DISCLAIMER: The following post is was written while under the influence of a very crazy fox who convinced a very silly girl to try something new. He would be so proud. Also, I'm only share the ones I know of, because I don't all of them.

Bookworm Problem #1 - Not enough shelf space.
Honestly, I don't exactly have this problem. But I've been trying to make it a problem. I only have around 70-90 physical books, yet my mom is always saying: "You could make some money selling these on E-bay."
Um, no. Not gonna happen.

Bookworm Problem #2 - Having too many books to read, and yet nothing to read. 
Yeah, happens to me all the time. I have thousands of titles on my Kindle, and sometimes I feel as if I've NOTHING to read. Ever feel that way?

Bookworm Problem #3 - Distracted by other books when you should be reading something else.
I do this all the time! When I should be reading something for a review, sometimes I have to stop for a break, and I forget what I was reading. So I pick up something else and completely move on. Sometimes, I don't do that, but lately it's become a habit.

So, these are the bookworm problems I've come across in my life as a book blogger/bookworm. What are some bookworm problems you've come across? Comment below and tell me!

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