Thursday, October 15, 2015

Daughter of Lions by Catherine Banks #Review

Daughter of Lions
by Catherine Banks

Being a teenager is hard enough, but when your dad is an Alpha werelion it complicates matters even more. Victoria doesn’t feel like she fully fits in anywhere and things become more unsteady when she meets the new werelion in her dad’s pride, Brandon. Is there a way she can alter her genes to gain the ability to shift, or will she learn to accept who she is?

This is a book I won via giveaway. I own a signed copy of this book, and oh my goodness! I could not put it down once I started to read it! This is going to be one my longer reviews, and hopefully will help me write better reviews on this blog.

Daughter of Lions follows almost sixteen year old Victoria, who is NOT your average teenager. Being the daughter of an Alpha were-lion, and having a human mother, has it advantages and disadvantages. Victoria is a hybrid. Which means she is not fully human, nor is she complete were-lion. Victoria does, however, does have some were-lion abilities, such as speed and strength. She also has bloodlust, but let's not get into that.

Victoria visits her father's pride now and then, which has a number of 200 members. o.o What?! Yes, 200 pride members. In addition to the pride, Victoria's father adopted into his pride a young Alpha male, named Brandon. Now Brandon has never known what it was like for someone like Victoria to interact with the pride, so he is VERY protective of her when the other lions are around. Victoria has select friends amongst the pride members, as well an "enemy". Mary, the future Alpha female, has interest in Victoria.

Now, because Victoria is a hybrid, she sometimes feels out of place in the pride, and in the human world. She has her friends in the human world who look past her "freak of nature" habits and genuinely care for her. To keep her human side in check, Victoria is very active in her high school, and can lift weights up to 250 pounds. Even the coach was impressed.

Let me cut to the chase. Victoria immediately (or almost immediately) feels that there is something intriguing about Brandon, and she develops a crush. But because Brandon does not know if he truly wants hybrid-Victoria as a mate, she pushes him away often. They develop a thriving friendship, when Brandon is assigned to protect Victoria, live in her house, and go to school with her every day. Because there is the enemy pack of werewolves known as the Minters, of whom there is a wolf named Bob who wants to mate with her, but kill her at the same time. I know, shocking!

Victoria ends up moving to live with her dad and the pride, after her mother dies in an accident. This leads to the return of (one of them) her childhood best friend, Michael. Now, Michael is quite the catch, not to mention he wants Victoria to choose him as her mate. (The female lions are allowed to announce their choice mate when they are sixteen, and then become mated at eighteen.) Given Victoria does like Michael, even with what she feels for Brandon, she lets Michael court her.

Brandon finally makes up his minds, and he decides he wants to court Victoria and have her as his mate. All this, and the wolves from the Minters are still after her. One thing leads to another, and Michael takes a bullet to his head while trying to protect Victoria from Bob. Bob intends to kill Victoria, or have her as his mate. One of the two. Victoria feels that it is her fault that Michael was killed because she is not full werelion and could not protect herself.

Now, the question whether Victoria will accept Brandon as her mate is still in the air. Given until the end of the month, a week after her sixteenth birthday, to make her decision, Victoria starts to wonder question Brandon's feelings for her again. There is still the wench, Mary, in question. She is to be the next Alpha female. Some are just born for the job, whether you are the cub of the Alpha or not. Speaking of the current Alphas. Victoria's dad is not mated with the Alpha female of the pride, Sarah. Sarah does has feelings for Victoria's dad, but she is just waiting for him to step up.

If you have not read the book, I suggest you go pick up a copy and get reading. I am not going to give away the ending . . .

I absolutely loved reading this book. It is the book that got me out of my reading slump. I loved the plot, the characters. I have read this book . . . seven more times since it arrived and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes YA Fantasy. I have to say that this book made me want to read more of Catherine Banks' work, and I intend to do that ASAP.

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