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The Deadliest Earthling by Gibson Morales #Review

The Deadliest Earthling
Release Date: 6/28/15
371 pages

 When he was six, Johnny’s parents gave their lives to defeat the Anunnaki and free Earth. Except they failed. Ten years of training later, a reluctant Johnny is the best cadet in the Watcher resistance network. He’s not the best because he wants to fight aliens, but because it’s the only way to escape his parents’ tainted legacy. At least, according to The Eagle, the leader of the resistance. 
But on the day Johnny is set to graduate and finally put his training into action, the Anunnaki attack his home, New Bagram, forcing a full-scale evacuation. When the dust settles, Johnny vows to protect the surviving New Bagramites, who long for a symbol of hope. His mission: find the four Conifers, alien gems that grant superhuman powers. The good news: he already has one. The bad news: The Anunnaki have three. The worse news: The Anunnaki only need his Conifer to activate a doomsday weapon of biblical proportions. 

If Johnny wants to stop the Anunnaki and protect New Bagram’s survivors, he must overcome his resentment over a lost childhood and accept his parents’ legacy. He will have to rely on his combat prowess and learn to trust again. He will have to become the deadliest earthling.

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DISCLAIMER: I received a review copy (via YABound Book Tours) in exchange for an honest review.

The Deadliest Earthling follows a young man named Johnny, who is sent away to a training ground. This training ground is not your ordinary military unit. No, this training ground specializes in training the people of Earth, in hopes of conquering the Anunnaki, an alien species that has taken Earth into captivity. Like the description implies, Johnny's parents already attempted, and failed, to free Earth of these people. This is not exactly your average Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure book. It is way better!

My Honest Opinions/Thoughts: Following Johnny through this book has been quite an adventure. I really like the author's style of writing. The content was very intriguing. I think Johnny's separation from his parents struck me the hardest in the beginning because because I know what that feels like. As previously mentioned in one of my last reviews, I was in a reading slump, and it took me forever to get into reading this. 

My Rating: 
I am giving this book a 4 of 5 stars, only because I am not quite finished with the book, and I kind of have to go back a little bit to understand something a little better, but a great read nonetheless.

About the Author
Gibson Morales is the author of the young adult novels, The Deadliest Earthling and upcoming The Boy Who Wields Thunder, as well as the satirical novel, Johnny Ali vs America. He publishes these under his imprint, Mo Bros Books, which he formed with his brother and writer Vicente. Gibson graduated from USC and lives in Los Angeles. When not writing, Gibson enjoys boxing, most things geek-related, truth-seeking, and, occasionally, satirizing.

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